NZ Schools Podium Finish

It’s always tough when you give your best effort but still don’t achieve your goal. After making a small mistake in one of the races I suffered by loosing 10 seconds time, 2 places and a lot of points. I struggled on and fortunately was still able to salvage a U20 2nd Overall Podium at New Zealand Secondary School Mountainbike Championships. I came three seconds short of winning, 3 seconds, so close yet so far. Although I suffered this heart break I still had an awesome time away in Dunedin with James Kirkham, Josh Oxenham, Blake Ross, Adam Swinburne and Kerry Oxenham. Congratulations to the national champions and I am especially stoked for Kirkham Racing NZ winning the XC!
I’d like to say a massive thankyou to everyone who has helped me especially Mum and Dad (Anna, David)
Cycle Obsession for looking after me making sure the bikes were tuned.
Perimeter Coaching
Nduro Events
Little Rocket
and everyone else who is continuously supporting me.