Junior Academy

The Junior Academy is built to encourage new riders into the sport of Mountain biking. Starting as young as 7, the Junior Academy offers a fun environment for Social Development, Physical Development along with Skill Learning with a safe and supportive culture. Riders are supervised during sessions as they explore the park. We encourage building friendships, developing fundamental skills and the coaches inspire and guide the development of the young riders. The sessions are semi structured in a way that riders have freedom to be themselves and explore their limits while still playing, learning and having fun. Sessions include adventure riding, challenges, skills sessions, games, teamwork activities, informal races and the most common request… Jumps.

Where: Summerhill MTB Park

Who – Club Riders Year 3 to 6.

Time of year – Term 1 and 4.

Time of week – Monday evenings.

Grading? There is no grading for the Junior Academy.

Registrations can be found at Mountainbike Tauranga

Contact: mtbtgaacademy@gmail.com