ImPASS Program

Strength and fitness are achieved every time a rider is pedalling or descending a trail. But for riders whose only physical activity is riding bikes it can be limiting to their Physical Development. Balance and diversity are required for healthy Physical Developmentand ImPASS aims to combat this. Improving Power, Agility, Strength & Speed (ImPASS) both on and off the bike is a fun way to achieve this goal in a group environment. The ImPASS program gives riders’ the ability to further develop over winter with a different focus. Riders can purchase an ‘ImPASS pass’ which allows them to attend sessions and join the mailing list for regular updates. Sessions do not have a set timetable and change each week. Some sessions are on bike, some are on foot. Riders are emailed each week and choose which sessions they want to attend.

Where: Tauranga area.

Who: Academy club riders Year 9 to 13.

Time of year: Term 2 and 3.

Time of week: Varies.

Time of Day: Varies.

Cost:  $60 for ten sessions.

Grading? No.

Register by contacting