AIMS Games Mountain Biking

When the opportunity to host AIMS Games Mountain Biking came along I jumped with excitement. Bringing over 30,000 people to Tauranga each year, AIMS Games is one of the biggest annual events in the southern hemisphere. Since incorporating Mountain biking in 2019 the sport has seen a huge impact on the number of inspire young children. It has brought a new perspective to many families that mountain biking is more than just a recreational activity. The popularity of the event grows each year and its so exciting to have mountain biking involved. As the event director of an Aims Games code I strive to deliver the best event for inspiring and developing young riders.

To find out more about AIMS Games Mountain Biking check out the AIMS Games Website.

AIMS Games Coaching

If you are interested in Aims Games Mountain biking specific coaching there a multiple options on offer. For intermediate aged riders the number one objective in all coaching I offer is fun. All of the AIMS Games programs that I offer have fun as a foundation. I offer a range of coaching opportunities; 1:1 course practice sessions and; group course practice sessions and; a basic training program leading into AIMS week.

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“If a child has passion, love and ability in a sport, then it is our job to foster that, to not drive that child within the sport. It is important not to rob the child of other possibilities by limiting their options.  Its healthy for the child to have lots of choice as a teenager. It is a time in human development for experimentation”

– David Galbraith